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Cotton Potholder Loom Loops Mini Pack

Whether you’re making a solid, one-color potholder or you have specific colors in mind (school colors! Your kitchen colors!) this bag is for you. (If you’re a knitter, this is like a small skein of yarn to work the colorwork pattern.) These Mini Packs are great for a quick “I just need a couple of potholders!” moment.

The loops are packed by hand and weighed so that you have enough for 2 potholders worth of loops plus a few extra. They are packaged in biodegradable bags to show off beautiful colors.

These cotton potholder loops are custom made to fit Friendly Loom Potholder Looms in either Traditional (6" x 6") or Pro (8" x 8") size. 

Traditional Size: Makes two 6" x 6" potholders.
Pro Size: Makes two 8" x 8" potholders.