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NORO's Kureyon yarn is a timeless classic which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. Renowned for its rustic charm and vibrant hues, Kureyon is the go-to choice for knitting or crocheting outerwear garments and indulging in felting (fulling) projects. With its rich history and devoted following, Kureyon embodies the essence of creativity and tradition. Named after the Japanese word for "crayon," it captures the vivid colors and bold strokes of an artist's palette. Crafted from 100% wool, each 50-gram skein of Kureyon yarn contains 110 yards of pure inspiration. Embrace the legacy of NORO's iconic yarn and unleash your imagination with Kureyon, where every project is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

100% Wool
Knits to 14-16 stitches over 4in using US 7-8 needles
110 yards per 50 gram ball